Our PRoducts


Castrol is a global British brand since 1889 for industrial and automotive lubricants. It offers a wide range of oils, greases and similar products for most lubrication applications and has several factories around the world. The company has become an authorized distributor to distribute its products in central and southern Iraq (2021-2023).


Al-Nabaa Company was the exclusive agent in Iraq for Excel Lube lubricants (2010_2022). The company is one of the fastest growing companies in the United Arab Emirates, and because it adopts the latest production methods, it is considered one of the largest manufacturers of lubricating oils in the region, as it produces a complete range of lubricating oils. High quality and ideal for use in many industries.

Hyundai Xteer

In 2020, the company became a partner in distributing Hyundai Xteer oils in Iraq. Hyundai Oil Bank has always been working for the stable supply of petroleum commodities and the development of Korean industry since its establishment in 1964.

Oscar Lubricants

In 2015, it opened the first modern lubricant blending plant that implements the latest technologies and meets international standards, and our company became its agent in central Iraq.


Royal Dutch Shell, known as Shell, is a multinational oil company of British and Dutch origin. It is considered the second largest private energy company in the world. The company was an agent for distributing its products in central Iraq (2014-2020).


Technol is the leading company in the manufacturing of motor oils and industrial oils in Azerbaijan. The primary purpose of Technol’s operation is to produce oils that meet the quality standards of well-known global oil brands and make them available to everyone at affordable prices. The company’s main production is divided into industry, grease, and various types of additives.

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